Wednesday, 20 April 2011

First Post

Or should that be Bolton's artistic son?  Nonetheless I'm in the North West of England and I produce so much on a daily basis that blogging makes such sense.  It will be saying something constructive between my art-photo and writing which will be the challenge.  Theme wise I write, make art and take photos of my home and the area I love so that will be my main topic.

So I'm not so much a newbie - if a 365 project is a kind of blog already, but I need to spread out, to increase, to unfurl my wings - that is I want to post daily poems, daily items of prose and daily drawings, but I may still add links to my 365 if I snap a pic worth sharing.

Anyway nothing is interesting the first time, the first time is usually painful and awkward, so I'll cut it short and hopefully increase with awesomeness as time goes by.  Thanks for reading.

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