Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Earning Money 1: Creativity 0

I worked again as a gardener today, and because it was so hot the work was tough, we couldn't turn the mower off because it wasn't restarting so in one cul de sac I mowed for what felt like hours, going from one house to another.  It's made me think how lucky I am, since my job allows me to pretty much drink coffee, read and write with occassional meetings and lectures - (hope the company I work for doesn't see that) but university life does seem to function at a slower pace.  Specifically I think my laid back job allows me the time and space to think about my hobbies and I wonder if I did a job like this gardening all the time would I have ever put pen to paper?

Just some postcard sized collages from last month, I still have loads of blank postcards and will one day have another session on these, they're so quick to do.  I keep all of my collage materials in a big box now and it was hidden away before, so easier to get at.  Tonight I can't stop listening to Chief, so I wanted to post a link:

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