Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I have been pretty busy recently. 

I've found myself writing more than ever these last few days, and if I go online it's to send people stories to read so I can get some feedback on them.  I had a couple of things published (yey) and I'll be posting a link here next month for the story I had turned into a podcast!! Hopefully everyone will purchase it, I hope it's cheap.  Apart from that - I discovered HDR photography which you can see on my facebook public gallery.  I don't know how famous HDR is, and I don't know the tech behind it, but basically it's a cool way of lifting the lights, lowering the darks and intensifying the colour of pics so that any light or colour flaws are removed.  Just google HDR photography.  And the software was free, from Oloneo, but I don't know if it's really free or just pretending to be!  Count down to lots of fun stuff in June, I'm glad May finished, it seemed ridiculously long and tedious, at last my MA semester is over, and my summer break is beginning (I work at a university) and I can begin the projects I've been planning.

PS watched lots of good films recently - My Life as a Dog, Waking Life, Howls Moving Castle.  I don't know if I'd put 'Blitz' in that list, but I just saw it at the cinema, and well, it was energetic.  Lots of gore.
Check out my recent photos here!  Thanks.

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